Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Is the artificial nail extension harmful?

If you decide to get artificial nails, a month before it start to make therapeutic manicure and you'll be wearing artificial nails without damage to your nails.

Nail extensions is done by two technologies: using gel and acrylics.

The most popular is the acrylic extension. It is made from a mixture of powder and a special liquid, which by mixing, turns into a rapidly hardening mass. The master must distribute the acrylic in a few minutes uniformly on the surface of the nail, and then it completely hardens and is polished. This procedure takes about 15 minutes.

Such artificial extension is more durable than other technologies, in addition, there are now safe acrylic techniques,that does not dry and corrode the nail plate.

Advantage of acrylic artificial extension may be considered the fact that to remove them is easier than gel ones, the nails look well-groomed, beautiful, it's suitable for those women whose nails grow very badly. Acrylic nails can be worn for a long time, as the acrylic does not block the nail, allowing them to "breathe".
There are also disadvantages of artificial nails. These include allergy, high risk to get to a nonprofessional, who will spoil and your own nails. After the removal of artificial nails, the own ones lose their shine.

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KELLY said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting your insights and experiences.
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Kimi said...

nail extension looks great! or are they real?

Anonymous said...

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