Thursday, July 26, 2007

Manicure Tips For The Busy Girl

A manicure should be an integral part of your regular beauty routines. But, if you don't have the time or the finances to visit a salon for a manicure as often as you would like, you can always do it yourself in your own home. Here's our guide to getting a thorough DIY manicure performed by your very own hands for your very own hands.

1. Apply some nail varnish remover to a cotton ball so that it's semi-saturated than quickly remove the old varnish from each nail, rubbing outwards from the cuticle to the tip. But try to avoid getting the remover into the cuticle and surrounding skin. Also, it is best to avoid varnish removers that contain acetone, even if the bottle states that they also contain conditioners. Acetone will dry out your nails, which is very unhealthy for them. When finished removing the varnish, rince away all traces of the remover using warm tap water. Dry your fingers thoroughly.

2. Shape your nails using a medium emery board, filing from one edge of the nail to the center, then from the other edge to the center. Hold the emery board at an angle of about 45 degrees so that you are mainly filing the underside of the nail. The most natural-looking and easiest-to-manage shape of finger nail is an oval shape, slightly squared at the tip. It is also the strongest shape.

3. Dampen your hands then massage them with an exfoliator. Either use a commercial exfoliating product or make some up yourself by mixing some coarse sea salt with an essential oil. This is great for the circulation!

4. Soak your fingers in a bowl of warm water.

5. Scrub the nails gently using a soft-bristled brush, then dry your hands thoroughly using a soft towel.

6. Massage some cuticle oil or cuticle softener well into the base of the nails. Leave it for a few minutes so that it is well absorbed. Then gently push back the cuticles using either a special hoof stick or a cotton bud. Remove the residue of the oil with a tissue then rinse the nails in warm water to finish.

7. Use cuticle scissors to remove any ragged cuticle skin or hangnails, being careful not to damge the underlying cuticle.

8. Moisturize the cuticle using cuticle oil, or if you don't possess any, you can use moisturizer cream.

9. Massage your hands and fingers thoroughly using hand cream.

then two thin coats of colored nail polish, and finally a top coat to seal in the color and protect the nail surface. You should let the basecoat10. Rinse your fingers to remove all traces of the cream and dry thoroughly, then you are ready to apply the nail varnish. Varnish is applied in four coats: a clear basecoat to protect the nails, dry for around three minutes before applying the polish. The nail polish is applied using three strokes working from the base to the tip of the nail, first of all along the center of the nail, then at either side. Leave three minutes between the coats, then five minutes drying before applying the top layer.

11. Use a white pencil to color underneath the tips of your nails to make them look brighter and add emphasis.

As an alternative to applying nail polish, you could try simply buffing your nails. This will make them smooth and shiny. Buff them gently in one direction only, from the base to the tip, raising the buffer after each stroke. So about ten strokes of the buffer on each nail.

By: Bianca Tavares

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Brittle Nails - Easy To Break

Nails define your hand in many ways. The shape and the look of nails make your hand look good. By using a good nail polish it can make your hands look better. But if nails are bad then no matter how much you cover it up it will not work. Brittle nails are one of the problems with your nails. These nails happen to be so weak that they break, spilt or tear very easily. It is the dryness in the nails which reaches to such an extent that they tend to break without much hassle. Brittle nails are a common problem faced by many women.

Some of the causes for brittle nails is due to excessive contact with water, detergent, drying out of nails due to overheating in your own house, constantly falling ill and increasing use of nail polish remover. When it comes in contact with chemicals present in detergent or cleansers it makes the nails very weak. Your nails are also affected due iron deficiency. When you go for swimming the chlorine water does not work in your favor. You also lack essential calcium and fatty acids which makes your nail strong and less brittle. Low levels of zinc, iron and also thyroid problems may lead to brittle nails.

Some of the things which you can do to avoid brittleness of your nails

* Massaging your nails with castor oil frequently as this would keep your nails fit and fine

* Whenever in contact with chemicals wear cotton gloves and on top of the rubber gloves as it would protect your nails from getting wet either by sweat or water

* Involving food like salmon, tuna, shrimp, trout, milk in your diet improves your nails life

* Intake of herbs and vitamins as consulted by doctor should be taken

* Keep your nails short if you know they are brittle

By: Sharon Hopkins

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

More Nail Tips

Shaping Your Fingernails

Polished nails and healthy cuticles aren't the only things that make your fingernails beautiful. Keeping your nails trimmed and shaped properly helps to create a glamorous look to your hands. Every hand is different, but there are few common shapes and sizes to hands that can help you to determine how you should shape your nails. The way your cuticle is shaped will also help
* For cuticles that are oval at the base, square shaped nails are appropriate
* For cuticles that are pointed, oval shaped nails might be better suited
* For small hands and fingers, try almond shaped nails
* Short and plump fingers look best with squared-off, oval nails
* Thicker hands or fingers with a wide nail bed should have squared off ends.
* Longer nail beds look best with rounded nails.

It is recommended by experts that the free edge of your nails should only extend a few millimeters beyond the tip of your finger. To begin shaping your nails, start by trimming them with a quality clipper. If you use a clipper that is too hard to squeeze, you'll end up breaking your nails or making inaccurate cuts. Once you have trimmed your nails into the desired shape for your hand type, you can begin to file your nails for smooth edges. Here are some filing tips to keep in mind:
* Don't file your nails from side to side, it can weaken the stress points of the nail's free edge
* Gently file from the corner of your nail to the center in one direction
* To make sure both hands are the same length or shape, hold the same finger from each hand up to one another
* Metal files can split your nails. Use a soft, flat emery board.

Tips for Beautifully Polished Fingernails

Beautifully polished nails aren't just for hand models. Besides your face, your hands are another area that people first notice about you. Nail polish can help your hands look younger, smoother and even thinner. Polishing your nails may seem like a no-brainer, but here are some helpful tips you may not have been aware of before:
* If you are already wearing a polish or not, before you apply nail polish, always remove the excess oils from your nails with nail polish remover
* To avoid cotton ball fuzzies stuck to your nails, use a makeup sponge with polish remover
* To avoid yellowing nails after your polish is removed, try buffing the tops of your nails. This will also smooth out the roughness of your nails
* Always, always, always use a base coat! This also will help eliminate the discolorization of your nails
* Water-based nail enamels, hypoallergenic and unscented nail products are available if you have sensitive skin
* Choose a shade that enhances your fingers and toes
* Instead of shaking your polish, roll the bottle in the palm of your hand, your nail polish will last longer
* Don't put too much polish on the brush
* When painting your nails, apply the polish to the tips of your nails and slightly underneath the tip of your nails
* Fast drying enamels are fabulous, but they also chip faster
* Nail polish takes a full hour to completely dry without smudging
* Once your nails have dried enough, usually 10 minutes, add a top coat
* To keep your nails looking glossy, apply a new coat every other day.

Copyright (c) 2007 Barry Lycka

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Nails Are A Great Health Barometer

For alternative health physicians, fingernails are an excellent barometer on how well you are absorbing nutrients from the food you eat. So if you have a poor diet, it stands to reason that your nails won’t be in good shape.

Common problems include white spots, ridges and brittleness and if you suffer from these problems, these steps will show you how to obtain healthy nails.

If you are suffering from a fungal infection (causing abnormal growth, extreme brittleness, discolouration) and want to know how to obtain healthy nails

- it can be difficult to remove from the nail and the nail bed. The initial course of action will be anti-fungal medication from your doctor, then follow up with our suggestions below.

Nutritional deficiencies

If you want healthy nails, first understand that nails in poor condition are an indication of a nutritional deficiency.

White spots can indicate a zinc deficiency, ridges in the fingernails can indicate iron and/or a calcium deficiency and brittle nails can indicate a deficiency of the sulphur-containing amino acids.

A nutritional program for healthy nails

* Supplement with the base line nutritional program of all 90 essential nutrients - vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids. Out of all of these, plant derived minerals produce excellent results in terms of stronger nails and rapid growth.

* Treat the fingernail problems directly with a supplement containing gelatine – especially important for vegetarians.

* Digestive enzymes before meals to improve the absorption of nutrients.

You should begin noticing results within a couple of weeks!

By Paul Newland

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Friday, July 6, 2007

9 Easy Steps To A Pedicure

Before putting on those sexy, comfortable open toe shoes make sure your feet skin is in good condition. With these easy nine steps you too will have silky feet. So go ahead get ready to do your own pedicure.soak your feet for 10-15 minutes in warm water containing Epsom salt or foot soak

Use a pumice stone, exfoliating scrub to gently scrub the soles of your all over your feet and heel to remove dead skin.

Dry your feet.

Trim your toenails and push back cuticles.

Rinse feet once again and pat dry.

Massage feet with plenty of foot lotion. Body lotion, petroleum jelly or cream can be use to replace foot lotion.

Wrap feet on plastic bags and cover for at least 15 minutes.

Paint toe nails. Make sure to apply at least to coats of nail polish and a top coat of clear nail polish to give it more shine. Give it enough time to dry, before putting on any shoes. If you put on shoes too soon your pedicure will get ruin.

Enjoy your self given & low cost pedicure!

Author: Kenia Morales

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Do You Still Bite Your Nails?

Woman just love taking care of themselves, it is a fact. Having all the latest products on the market is a must, but how many times do the little things that matter, actually get left out? The nails are one of the most ignored parts of the body, and worse, many women bite their nails.

Why Biting Your Nails Is Not Good For You:

Not only is biting your nails unhygienic, but if you do bite them, they are likely to grow back really jagged and uneven.

Do you know that when you bite your nails, you are ingesting a lot of germs? Studies have shown that under your nails, there is more bacteria there than if you were to lick a toilet seat. You definitely would not lick a toilet seat, so why bite your nails? Some men also find women who bite their fingernails, a turn off!

Imagine this scenario, you have taken a date home and things have progressed. You are running your hands through your dates hair, and all the sudden they notice your finger nails all chipped, broken and covered in dirt. They are hardly likely to find that a turn on, and they probably will not want to see you again.

The state of your nails can be an indicator of your overall general health, and if you use your hands a lot, especially whilst speaking, many people will see the state of them. With just a bit of care, your nails will thank you in the long run and it will be so much healthier for you than putting all that bacteria into your mouth. However, in order to look after your nails properly, you will need to understand them a little bit more and know what they need.

What is a Nail and How Can You Care For it?:

A nail consists of a hard protein called Keratin. They are basically on our fingers to protect them from any kind of trauma, and they even help to pick up small objects. Women see their nails more of a cosmetic purpose however, and they often have manicures to make them look their best.

Manicures are actually good for the nail, and as well as looking good, they also help to keep the nail healthy. In order to get the most out of your nails it is essential that you see a professional manicurist, instead of trying to do it yourself.

Basic hygiene is also not hard to do, yet it will keep your nails really healthy. Moisturizer is essential in aiding with the condition of your hands and nails, and you can buy specially designed polish which strengthens the nails. A good nail brush also comes in handy and using soap with it will really help to get rid of any bacteria.

However, do not take that as a sign that you can now safely chew your nails. If you do have a problem with not being able to stop biting your nails, there are special products on the market which taste horrible, which are designed to stop your habit.

If you do not take proper care of your nails and you simply carry on biting them without cleaning them, you are potentially likely to get infections and cold sores within the mouth. Even if you have been doing it for years, the risk is always there that you will pass something on into the mouth. It is always better to be safe than sorry!

Overall, it really is so much better for your health if you stop biting your nails. They will look so much better, and you will not have to worry about putting off a potential date either! Usually nail biting is simply a habit, and with little work, it can be cured.

By: Louise Forrest

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Monday, July 2, 2007

Six Tips For Long Lasting Summer Nail Polish

Warm weather is here, and that means most of us will be wearing nail polish more often to show off our hands and feet. The barer summer clothes and sandals mean your feet and hands will be center stage, so putting a few extra minutes into proper nail care is must for the prettiest looks. Whether you are applying nail polish to your hands or toes, the basic principles to make your manicure or pedicure last are the same.

1. Prepare your nails properly before polishing. Nail polish won’t adhere well to nails that are dirty or oily. Wash your hands thoroughly to remove any lotions, dirt or oils, and then brush each nail with a bit of nail polish remover. This will remove all oils from the nail itself and prepare it for accepting polish.

2. Lightly buff your nails and file off any rough edges. Polish will be more prone to peeling and flaking if the nails are rough around the edges or have ridges in them. Filing and buffing gives a smoother surface so that polish won’t flake.

3. Choose the right polish. Did you know that nail polish expires? Most brands will only last about a year before they become thicker and start to clump. Polish that’s too thick will go on thicker and won’t dry well, leading to more chance of smearing or smudging. Most nail polish formulas are similar and will last almost a week, but fast drying formulas are an exception. The extra ingredients that allow fast drying polishes to set so quickly also makes them peel more quickly, so try to avoid fast-dry formulas unless you absolutely have to use them. The extra few minutes spent drying a standard nail polish will be well worth it if your manicure lasts days longer.

4. Care for your polish properly. Summer weather is especially tough on nail polish – the high temperatures can cause polish to separate and the color to change. To keep your nail polish in top condition, refrigerate it in the summer. You should also clean the polish bottle carefully after each use by wiping the outside edge of the bottle with a cotton ball soaked in nail polish remover to keep the bottle from sticking shut. Finally, be sure that you gently blend the nail polish before applying by rolling the bottle between your hands. Shaking a bottle of polish will create air bubbles in the polish that can cause bumps and clumps when you apply it – guaranteed to shorten the life span of your manicure or pedicure.

5. Use a base coat and top coat. It takes a bit more time to do a complete manicure rather than just throwing on some polish, but its well worth the effort. After your nails are clean, be sure to apply a base coat; this product prepares the nail for polish and gives nail polish something to cling to so that it lasts longer. Follow this with two thin coats of polish in the desired color, and then finish off with a quality top coat. When you apply the top coat, be sure to run the brush horizontally across the tip of the nail with a bit of it going under the edge of the nail. This will help prevent peeling and seals the manicure properly.

6. Don’t rush things. Be sure to let your nails dry five to ten minutes between each coat. If the coat below isn’t completely dry before you add the next one, your nails won’t dry properly for quite a while, leading to chips and smudges. If you are in a rush or simply impatient, plunge your nails into ice water for a few seconds between coats – this will quickly dry and seal the polish.

Enjoy your beautifully painted, long lasting nails! Remember not to open soda cans or pick at envelopes with your freshly painted nails. Using your nails as tools won’t help you keep your nail polish fresh at all!

By: Sally Hart

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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Choose Nail Care Products According To Your Nail Condition

Beauty and health of your nails is not just a matter of a woman's vanity. Today, men and women alike have learned the importance of nail care, or are just about to learn more.

Choosing nail care products proper to your actual nail condition is as necessary and individual as choosing a hair conditioner or shampoo, which treats your head and hair the right way.

Nailtiques are cosmetic products that give your nails a full range of caring services. It is not only color added to your nails but treatment for dry nails, as a result of problems such as a fungal infection or just because continuous exposure to detergents or any other harmful element.

Nail Moisturizer is a product that does not recognize gender and nobody will notice that you are using a nail product, yes, you my fellow male friend. Even nowadays, many men feel embarrassed if someone discovers them applying a product to improve the condition of their nails.

The advantage of Nailtiques is that its moisturizers are greaseless. All the nail care products are fortified with natural ingredients, including jojoba, collagen, and aloe Vera. Similar properties seen in Rejuvacote, which is a nail strengthener, that can fix damaged nails naturally.

Nail care products include conditioning creams and enriched solutions that can penetrate your nails for solving a number of cosmetic problems or injuries caused after medical nail conditions or work accidents.

People who handle tools and machinery are vulnerable to suffer nail injuries, so nail care products can also be applied as a preventive measure, reinforcing your nails’ condition. Rejuvacote has transparent enamel with a protein formula that seals the layers of your nail together preventing incidents that make your nails look ugly.

Enriched nail creams can be applied at night before going to sleep and washed off in the morning, as natural as if they were your own second skin. Wearing gloves after cream applications will aid with your nail care and will provide the full effect on your nails.

Both Nailtiques and Rejuvacote are products you can trust for your nail care, promoting flexibility and strength of your nails. Perhaps this is the reason Rejuvacote is renowned as "Your Nail Doctor".

If you want to wear natural, strong and vital nails, pay more attention to your nail care, and do not worry about the products because these products are unisex.

Of course, if you are a sexy woman wanting to impress your man, color enamel comes in fancy, trendy tones, but the same formula that fortifies your nails, fix injuries, and improve your overall nails health.

By: Natalie Aranda

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