Thursday, December 27, 2007

Male Manicure

Passed the times when women were evaluating men only after how clean his shoes are. The modern man should be not only elegantly dressed, but also well-attended. Furthermore, the visit to the cosmetologist of the stronger half of humanity has long ago ceased to be something extraordinary, and now the appearance of a well-dressed business man in a beauty salon brings no surprise.

Male manicure differs significantly from the female one, especially in the lack of paint apart. Men appreciate the natural look of nails after the procedure, so even manicure drugs are tailored to the characteristics of male hormonal system, and practically have no smell.

Deciding to have the manicure done, many men prefer to do it without interference of all sorts of prick-cutting things. And therefore they choose the European manicure, in which the cuticle removal is not made with scissors, but with the help of a special fluid applied on the cuticle, which moistures the skin and they are gently removed with the help of a wooden stick. After removing the cuticles, the manicure master will rectify the length and shape of the nails. Then he will file them and cover with a colorless varnish, which will protect the nails of friability. The varnish is barely noticeable on fingernails, but despite this, most men refuse to cover nails with anything, selecting the minimum needed procedures, basically - cuticle removal and correction of nails shape.

Lately the well-attended hands became an integral part of the image of a successful man. While everyone may not call themselves lovers of beauty salons, already many are beginning to understand that the care for their physical appearance is not only the destiny of the fair half of mankind.


Jake said...

Great article - thank you for the tips for taking care of men's nails.

But, why no polish? More guys are wearing it now, especially on their toenails. As long as a guy is getting his nails in decent shape, it's cool to try polish to in masculine colors!

Jake said...

Thanks for the great tips! Men also need to take care of their nails - but why no polish? More guys are wearing it now, especially on their toenails. As long as he's getting his nails in decent shape, it's cool to follow with a masculine shade of color too!!!

BananaPeeled said...

Male manicures go back to the beginning of time. Even nail polish on men. It's just something that tends to be overlooked in grooming history. It was always classy men who would have their nails done, even in the 20's barber shops would offer manicure services that include clear nail polish. Just only now the regular folks have become aware of proper nail grooming.